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email: ding@dingzeyu.li

If we have any in-person and/or email conversation before: email me!

If you have any comment or question about my research: email me!

If you are looking for Internship/Collaboration with me:

I am always excited to work with new collaborators, please follow the steps below.

  1. Read my current main research interests on my homepage.
  2. Make sure your research interests have some overlap with mine.
  3. Send me an email with
    • a brief introduction of your past research background
    • your short-term research plan and how it is related to my current research interests
    • your CV
    • who I may contact for reference (usually your PhD advisor and/or your previous mentors)
  4. If I don't get back to you within a week, please email me again.
If you want to learn more about internship at Adobe Research:

Please check out the official Adobe Research Internship page.

If you are looking for conference reviewer/program committee member:

I am always happy to contribute back to academic community.

For everyone else: feel free to drop me an email -- depending on my email volume, I may or may not get back to you.