Dingzeyu Li

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science
Columbia University

Email: dli@cs.columbia.edu
Curriculum Vitae

About Me:
I am a second-year Computer Science PhD student at Columbia University. I am advised by Prof. Changxi Zheng in the graphics group. Currently my research interests are in physically-based simulation, especially interactive sound simulation.

For my undergraduate, I spent four years at HKUST's beautiful campus. I mainly focused on image and video matting, working with my advisor Chi-Keung Tang.

Motion-Aware KNN Laplacian for Video Matting
Dingzeyu Li, Qifeng Chen, Chi-Keung Tang
ICCV 2013
Project Page
Paper, Poster
KNN Matting
with extension to layer separation
Qifeng Chen, Dingzeyu Li, Chi-Keung Tang
TPAMI, September 2013
Paper, Code
KNN Matting
Qifeng Chen, Dingzeyu Li, Chi-Keung Tang
CVPR 2012
Project Page
Paper, Poster, Code